Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Host Your Perfect Wedding at River’s Edge Convention Center

Everyone wants the perfect wedding, but beautiful, elaborate weddings often come with a great deal of stress.

River’s Edge Convention Center works with you to provide a stress-free planning experience – and, more importantly, a stress-free wedding day.

1. Decoration and Catering Options

Everyone pictures their wedding in a unique way. At River’s Edge Convention Center, we make that the dream become a reality. We work with over ten decorators; each one is happy to work with you and your space to create a unique look that you’re searching for. Since food is also an important and memorable part of your big day, we also have many caterers to choose from. You will definitely find something that everyone will love and remember.

2. Convenient Downtown Location

When you plan any major event, you always have to remember out-of-town guests. Since River’s Edge Convention Center is located right in the heart of St. Cloud, we’re surrounded by almost 400 hotel rooms, all within walking distance! In addition, there are plenty of activities for your guests, including beautiful gardens, shopping, and restaurants.

Parking is also readily available. In addition to plenty of nearby parking, we have our own parking ramp. The ramp is connected to the building by a skyway, so you don’t have to go outside to get to your event.

3. Outdoor Weddings

At River’s Edge Convention Center, we are now hosting outdoor weddings! You’ll definitely wow your guests with our outstanding views of the Mississippi River. Don’t forget that an outdoor wedding also comes with the many other advantages of a wedding at River’s Edge Convention Center. Make sure to book a date soon to take advantage of the warm weather! Get started here.

4. We Can Fit a Variety of Party Sizes

Two of the most important things to consider when choosing a venue are capacity and price. River’s Edge Convention Center is unique because we have over 150,000 square feet of flexible space, meaning we can divide and combine rooms to create precisely what you’re looking for. We can further customize your space with a dance floor, AV equipment, and a DJ. With so many options, you can easily work with any type of budget!

At River’s Edge Convention Center, we pride ourselves on our ability to make your wedding unique. With decorators who work specifically with your needs and space, a variety of caterers, and many rooms to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.