Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Navigating The Event: Getting To Know River’s Edge Convention Center Layout

If you are new to River’s Edge Convention Center, our large facility can be daunting. However, once you understand our building's layout, the organization and flow, as well as the convenient access to parking, hotels, and restaurants, you will be able to navigate the event you are attending with ease.

Here is an overview of what to expect when you visit River’s Edge Convention Center.

Large Meeting Spaces

There are four halls, with twenty four foot ceiling height, offering multiple convention options. These can be configured into 60,000 square feet of continuous space if necessary, depending on the size of the event.

Immediately upon entering the main lobby, you will see the Terry Haws Centers A and B. Following east around the granite stairwell will be Terry Haws C. Off on its own at the opposite end of the building is Glenn Carlson Hall. Each area of large meeting space has its own catering kitchen and multiple sets of bathrooms.

Smaller Spaces For Meetings and Receptions

The River’s Edge Convention Center offers multiple smaller suites that have flexible walls to accommodate everything from business meetings to holiday parties.

The Herberger Suite on the second floor is a popular choice for wedding receptions as the space has wall to wall windows overlooking the Mississippi River. This suite can be broken into five smaller sections when desired. Also on the second floor are the Wilson and Stockinger Suites giving a multitude of options for event size and accommodations. The Opportunities Suite on the first floor east of the Glenn Carlson Hall is perfect for thirty to one hundred and eighty people.

Unique Sights

A few unique features should land on your to-do list when visiting the convention center for the first time. Walking towards the river on the first floor, you will come to Riverview Commons. A large and comfortable lobby awaits with stunning views of the Mississippi River. There is also a beautiful balcony and patio area you can go outside to enjoy some fresh air.

On the second floor, do not miss the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame Museum in the Mezzanine hallway area. If you love baseball, you will enjoy looking back at the history of America's favorite pastime and it is free to visit.

Click to access black and white blueprints of River’s Edge Convention Center's layout for you to print and have on hand. We are excited to see you and hope you enjoy our facility!