Friday, September 9, 2016

St. Cloud Area Comic Lovers Visit Lioncon at the River’s Edge

Anime, comic books, video games, and all things nerd livened the River’s Edge Convention Center when LionHeart Games of Waite Park presented LionCon on Saturday, August 27th.

Justin Willard, owner of LionHeart games, organized the event. Planning began in January 2016, but until LionCon, St. Cloud had never seen a comic con-esque event like this.

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Conventions like this are sometimes misunderstood. In the last few decades, the term “nerd” has come to be used as a term of endearment rather than an insult. Conventions such as LionCon are an opportunity to bring like-minded people together to celebrate arts and entertainment that they love and that have been sadly lacking in Central Minnesota.

LionCon showcased game displays, comic book and graphic novel displays and artists, toys, and plenty of fans dressed up as their favorite video game, movie, and TV show characters. Attendees played board games and role-playing games and some took part in a cosplay competition.

The first in Central Minnesota, LionCon provided the opportunity for area comic book convention fans to stay a little bit closer to home. Popular conventions pop up annually in the Twin Cities, but in St. Cloud, we have yet to begin a tradition of our own.

Justin Willard hopes to hold the convention again next year, making it even bigger than the success it was this time around. Plans for next year at this point are preliminary, but it seems that the St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center can expect a 2-day event for LionCon 2017. Area fans can only hope that LionCon will grow and continue for years to come.