Monday, March 31, 2014

The Art-o-Mat

River’s Edge Convention Center features the internationally used Art-o-Mat. Art-o-Mat is a
transformed retired cigarette vending machine that vends original artwork for the low price of $5.00. River’s Edge’s Art-o-Mat is located on the second floor and is a glossy sky blue color. Over 400 artists contribute their work to be showcased in the various dispensers around the world.

River’s Edge has always been an advocate for the art world; the Art-o-Mat is a unique piece of artwork that was first developed by Clark Whittington in 1997. While observing a friend unwrap a cellophane snack, Whittington noticed he had a Pavlovian reaction to the crinkling sound and developed a strong urge for one as well. This is how his idea for Artists in Cellophane was created and why we have the Art-o-Mat today. The mission of AIC is to combine art and commerce in a creative way to encourage art consumption. The idea is that when you hear a patron unwrapping their artwork, you will want one too.

Art-o-Mat accepts submissions from all levels of artists. Digital prints, inkjet desktop prints,
photocopies are rarely included in the Art-o-Mat’s because the “human touch” vs. something
mechanized is much more appealing. You could receive a piece of jewelry, sculpture, painting, drawing or an art piece that fits into these little boxes.

The Art-o-Mat has an element of mystery and intrigue that is sure to delight you with a pleasant memento.

To “kerplunk” your own Art-o-Mat art work come visit us during our open hours:

To become an Artist in Cellophane visit: