Monday, July 24, 2017

5 Trends to Help you Create the Event of the Year

The event world around us is constantly changing. With the number of creative event ideas getting more and more elaborate each year, it’s hard to keep up with and create an event that stands out from others.

Apart from creative ideas booming, distractions are also a consideration to take into play as you plan an event. With the number of apps and devices consuming the audience’s attention, it can be difficult to execute a memorable and captivating event. To help you create an amazing event this year, we have put together the top five trends we think will help.

1. The Smaller, The More Intimate

Smaller, more intimate events have come into a bright light this year. Creating an environment that is more focused and specialized helps engage the audience and creates a group of people engaged in the topic at hand. When you plan a smaller event, this also opens the door to a more personalized experience as you go in knowing your audience and what they expect to get out of your event.

Another positive attribute of having a smaller audience is the chance to learn and connect with each other. A smaller group causes attendees to feel more engaged and tuned-in, and also give them a more comfortable setting to connect with the speaker and other audience members.

2. Beneficial Break Time

Breaks are important and almost necessary during an event, so creating a break time that is beneficial to you and the audience is a bonus. During a break, you might consider bringing in local food, culture, etc. for the guests to enjoy and interact with. This type of easy, laid back environment during a break also creates opportunities for networking amongst your audience and gives them a chance to discuss and interact with one another.

3. Encouraged Participation

This is a crucial point in creating a worthwhile and beneficial event. As the use of keynote speakers declines, the idea of “learning sessions” will come more into play. During these types of engagements, both speaker and audience share the limelight and the feeling of a useful discussion in which everyone learns from one another. Giving the participants a chance to be a part of the event also takes away from the constant distraction of a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

4. Positivity

Creating an event with a positive message while leaving your audience with a positive feeling afterward is important. One of the ways to boost a feeling of acceptance and positivity in your event is through diversity. Try and incorporate people who don’t represent the stereotypical “man in a suit” figure. This can allow people who don’t fit that character to feel comfortable attending and participating at your event. Show the audience that you care about them and that it isn’t just an event to inform or create business. Mentioning giving back to a community or how to “go green” are good ways to do this.


Technology is probably the largest subject to focus on when conducting an event. From creating a live stream to using smartphones as tools, technology can largely benefit your event. An event that uses the integration of technology can upgrade the audience experience and makes it so audiences are more likely to attend again. Other uses of technology are real-time notifications and interactive apps. Using these techniques converts your cell phone from being a distraction to being a beneficial and positive tool.

With the use of these five tips, your event can be more engaging, beneficial, and successful. Through the use of smaller sizes, break times, participation, positivity, and technology, you can create the event that keeps everyone talking and wanting more.

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