Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Questions You Need to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Your big day is right around the corner! Choosing a partner for the rest of your life can be nerve-racking enough – adding wedding planning to the mix can be enough to put some over the edge. Knowing the right questions to ask when booking a venue can help you enormously.

We have put together a few questions to ask when booking and planning your dream wedding venue.

The Date

When choosing a venue, the calendar can be a deal-breaking factor in deciding on a venue. Some venues are in high demand and book quickly for certain months, so this should be the very first question you ask.

The Guests

Yes, this day is all about you and your soon-to-be spouse, but having your family and friends there is a huge part in making this day special. Asking about the location of the venue and how many guests it allows is on our top lists of important questions to ask. A venue that accommodates the guests you want and an easy to find location with available lodging can be a determining factor.

The River’s Edge Convention Center has many banquet rooms for parties big and small, as well as a convenient location with many food and lodging choices for those out of town guests.

The Food and Drinks

Choosing a catering company that fits your wants and needs is another important aspect of planning a wedding. Most venues have a list of catering companies and liquor options that they allow. Some venues have more than others, and some have very limited options, and some host food and beverage services in-house. An extensive list of licensed caterers with many different types of food and drink options is desirable in a wedding venue.

The D├ęcor

Whether you have expensive tastes or are a matrimonial minimalist, decorating is always an important aspect of a wedding. If you plan to bring your own decorations or hire a company, asking about the process of decorating a venue is a need-to-know. Some venues have a list of suggested professional decorators to help you in your decorating decisions.

The Equipment

Everyone needs a place to sit, stand, and (most importantly) dance. Available equipment options are important, as well as their prices. Think about the visual and sound equipment needed as well. The River’s Edge Convention Center has an ample list of equipment and prices to look at as well.

Overall, everyone hopes their big day will go as smoothly as possible. Creating a memorable and enjoyable wedding doesn't have to be hard or stressful. Asking the right questions and getting the right information about your venue can help the process.

For more information on The River’s Edge Convention Center and what they offer for weddings, visit our website.