Monday, July 6, 2015

Make Your Event A Success At River's Edge

Guest Blog: DAYTA Marketing

When looking for a home for DAYTA U St. Cloud 2015, all of us at DAYTA Marketing knew we needed to go BIG. After the past couple years, our one-day social media marketing seminar for local business owners and marketers has risen dramatically in popularity, and we expected attendance to double or triple. When looking for a venue, we wanted a space that could fit everyone attending and we also needed the right equipment and technology. We went to River’s Edge Convention Center and found everything we were looking for!

The staff at River's Edge worked with us on planning the event from the time we booked until the last box was packed up at the end of the day. Their assistance made everything less stressful and made the days and weeks leading up to the big day go more smoothly. Our Director of Marketing, Ellie Backes, was able to do walkthroughs and the Convention Center's team provided great insights and tips for room layouts.

“They made themselves available the day of and checked in consistently throughout the day,” said Ellie. “I've had events where our event coordinator is nowhere to be found the day of. This definitely gave us peace of mind that if anything came up we'd have support to get it handled.”

The night before DAYTA U, we were able to go to River’s Edge Convention Center and start setting up some of our supplies and to get a feel for the rooms. We realized we needed to make some last-minute adjustments to the room layouts, and the convention center staff was there to help in an instant. We were incredibly impressed with the staff’s responsiveness and customer service.

The morning of our event we had some late registrations, which wasn’t a problem. The staff was there to add some chairs to rooms to accommodate our new students. They also helped us make extra copies of print materials. Our attendees gave us feedback about how smoothly the whole day went and how impressed they were.

During the day of a big event, small things can really create a big dent, but we had peace of mind the whole day. River’s Edge Convention Center truly is the premier destination for the best events in Central Minnesota!