Friday, March 23, 2018

Highlighting the Recent Tradeshows and Events at River's Edge

There’s nothing like the feeling of sunshine and fresh air, but the Minnesota winter doesn't always agree. We’re in the final stages of the cold stuff and ready to get back out there again.

While waiting for Winter to end can evoke a feeling similar to watching paint dry, we can still think about all the fun we’ve had in the past few weeks to prepare for sunshine and good times.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a recap of our events to tide you over for these last few indoor weeks and remind you of all the fun you’ll soon have outdoors!

The Sportsman’s Show

Can you think of anyone in Central Minnesota that doesn’t like the outdoors? Neither can we - especially since it felt like all of Central Minnesota attended last month. The 2018 Sportsman's Show sported the best in fishing boats, tackle, and equipment, as well as campers and trailers. With hunting and fishing seminars and information about the top lodges and campsites in the Midwest and Canada, the attendees went home with smiles and warm thoughts of what’s to come this Spring.

The Saint Cloud Boat Show

If the Sportsman’s show didn’t have the boat you were looking for, the Saint Cloud Boat Show certainly did. This free event boasted watercraft from Minnesota’s largest dealers and everything that could come along with it. From the small canoes to the giant cruisers, this event had enough boats to make you forget it was cold outside - even though it took place in the heart of February. 

The RV Camp and Travel Expo

If water isn’t your thing, the RV Camp and Travel Expo was probably right up your alley. Pleasureland RV has been hosting the event since 1971. Even if Camping and traveling aren’t your style, everyone seemed to appreciate a day to stretch their legs a bit while looking at an impressive display of interesting booths, info, and camping equipment. 

The Central MN Farm Show

Do you like farming and agriculture? Seeing what goes into your meals can be interesting – whether it’s your profession or not. At the end of February, the Central MN Farm show showed their attendants hospitality, offering a variety of free giveaways and refreshments, as well as educational seminars, and even offering scholarships.

No matter what you’re into, we all have one thing in common – especially around this time of year; We want to be outside. If you were able to attend these events, we hope you had a great time!

If you’re still looking for a break from the cold, check out the MN Amature Baseball Hall Of Fame to get amped up for the spring season and stay tuned to our calendar for upcoming events.