Monday, August 8, 2016

River's Edge Convention Center Parking Ramp Nearing Completion

The long-awaited downtown River’s Edge Convention Center parking ramp is nearing completion, and construction crews are working around the clock to complete the $11.56 million project in time for the Convention Center's busy season and holiday shoppers. The new parking ramp will increase parking capacity by 400 stalls and will provide easier accessibility for convention center guests, downtown employees, shoppers, and visitors. The parking ramp will straddle 5th Avenue North providing direct access to downtown businesses. When completed, the ramp will be five stories tall on the west side and three stories tall on the east side of 5th Avenue.

Governor Mark Dayton visited downtown St. Cloud in June 2014 to celebrate the fact that $11.56 million was allocated to expand the River’s Edge parking facilities and accommodate the community’s many visitors.

parking ramp 1.jpg

Construction began on November 16, 2015, and is expected to reach completion in October, making it a perfect addition just in time for holiday shoppers. Current downtown visitors have been using the Timber Lot and the Convention Center Surface lot as alternative parking. With the parking ramp nearing completion, it will greatly alleviate current parking and traffic congestion, adding 400 stalls and 155,040 square feet of space for downtown visitors.

In addition to the new parking ramp, the City of St. Cloud has additional projects that will help change the skyline of downtown St. Cloud. Other new projects coming to St. Cloud are the expansion of the Beaver Island Trail on the north side of the River’s Edge Convention Center, which will provide more recreational area, greater bike and walking trails, and The Lofts — a 47-condominium building that will add stylish and modern living options for downtown dwellers.