Thursday, May 28, 2015

Make Your Dream Wedding Come True at River's Edge Convention Center

Create a truly remarkable wedding at River's Edge Convention Center in the heart of historic downtown St. Cloud, MN. With our wide variety of rooms and spaces, you can accommodate weddings as small as 50 guests or as large as over 1,000. Our space provides you limitless options for customization to fit your theme as well as giving you breathtaking views of the mighty Mississippi River.

Find inspiration from the photos of past weddings held at our venue and start your planning today!

Drapery and lighting transformed this room into a bright and beautiful reception.

Natural light coming in from the large windows facing the river brighten up this simple and gorgeous reception.

Guests can enjoy the gorgeous view of the river from this room.

Need to accommodate a lot of guests? That's okay!

Personalize your wedding to fit your theme with decorations and colored linens.

Decorating your tables and chairs with bright colors makes the whole room POP!

The gorgeous lighting in this wedding transformed the whole room.

Our Glenn Carlson Room is perfect for accommodating a large number of guests.

There is no end to customization options with our rooms.

Imagine having your reception here and your name up in lights!

We provide you with a list of preferred decorators who have experience transforming our rooms.

Decoration options are endless.

There is no detail too small when it comes to planning a wedding!

There is no shortage of elegance at River's Edge Convention Center.
Now that you have some ideas, start planning your wedding and reviewing our preferred decorators' work! Congratulations on your engagement, and we hope to see you soon at River's Edge Convention Center!

Key Benefits of Off-site Meetings

When planning a meeting, there are many factors to think about. We look into a time that is available for everyone involved, the agenda and (if we’re lucky) perhaps plan for a sweet treat, but often the location itself gets overlooked. There are many reasons why the location can sometimes be as important a factor as all other considerations. Choosing an off-site location such as St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center can maximize meeting time and efficiency in many different ways.

Distance from the Desk
Leaving the office helps individuals step away and stop thinking about outside duties. It takes away the possibilities of being distracted when client comes in or sending unrelated emails during a meeting. A new location helps co-workers compartmentalize their time and focus on current topics, which allows for more quality participation.
Spark Creativity
Getting away from day-to-day operations can help open space for new and innovative ideas- people think out of the box when thrown into a new situation. Utilizing a different space may also allow a greater amount of people to gather from various locations and meet with new individuals for an outside perspective. Mentoring relationships bloom during these kinds of meetings.
Enhance Presentation Opportunity
A new location can give presenters more opportunity for the use of equipment that may not be supported in the office, which makes for a more effective presentation. The speaker can be better equipped to engage the audience with a larger screen or more easily manipulated tools. The more engaging a presentation is, the more the team will likely remember and take new skills to the office with them.
Boost Team Morale- There is something invigorating about breaking habit. With co-workers, it can be a great way to infuse a team building opportunity. An off-site meeting allows the opportunity for face-to-face interaction, which is too often lost in the use of technology. Being present allows one to view the body language and other social cues that otherwise are missed. Even the opportunity to eat a meal together affords co-workers to have more relaxed time with one another to build a relationship and understanding beyond usual business. Also, an off-site meeting makes teams feel like there was more care taken in preparing for the meeting,  making the team members feel more valued. Boosting the team’s feeling of importance can translate into more commitment and loyalty.

A meeting’s location is a large factor in its ability maximize the time co-workers have with one another.  An off-site meeting at River’s Edge Convention Center may re-energize and bring passion back to those you work with. Plan your next event at an off-site location, and see the difference it makes in your team.